On (Sort Of) Getting Married in Turkey

I had not planned on this becoming an item of concern, but apparently the forensic analysis team back in Missouri noticed that I am wearing a wedding ring in this photo.  Yes, enough people noticed this tiny glimmer of silver that I have been asked repeatedly by family members (who were in turn asked by their friends) if I got married in Turkey.

Surely to the dismay of my Grandma Caroline, no I was not married… not quite anyway.  Eastern Turkey is an amazing place, but it is also the kind of place that unmarried men and women may have a bit of a challenge spending a lot of unsupervised time together and men pretty much dominate everything.  So, in order for Ilse, Noémie, Nick and I to share hotel rooms along our journey and to ease in the girl’s defense against unwanted male attention, we picked up some fake wedding rings and said we had been married for a year or two in order to mitigate all of these problems.  The most difficult part of this was explaining (in Turkish) why we did not have any kids and how Ilse and I were married but lived on different continents.

So, no I am not married and no longer wear a wedding ring, but rest assured that our separation was amicable and I kept all my stuff, even the vacation house.

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